Protea Retreat Self Catering Apartment

Brackenfell. Cape Town, South Africa

Protea Retreat self catering apartment is set against the backdrop of the Protea Heights hills, Brackenfell & the Cape Winelands & wine route. This luxury apartment, or chalet, call it whatever you wish, is a complete home away from home. The 60 square meter, 1 bedroom apartment is attached to a home, but has a separate entrance, and is fully contained as a home on it’s own.

Only the best finishes were used for the Protea Retreat self catering apartment. Furnishings are brand new & comfortable making this a unit not just suitable for a day or two, but perfect for the businessman or transient traveler needing a short term home offering all the comforts of a permanent home.

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Swimming Pool & Garden Views

Protea Retreat self catering apartment is set with decks overlooking tranquil garden & swimming pool setting although sharing these with the home owner. Whether you wish to be private and left alone in seclusion, or share the passions the owners have for travel, nature & general good living, Protea Retreat self catering apartment will offer these to you.

Excellent Location

Protea Retreat self catering apartment is well located in Brackenfell, in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. Approximately 25 km from the Cape Waterfront and Center of Cape Town, Table Mountain & Table Bay. Protea Heights is surrounded by major shopping malls, a short drive to most major access routes like the R300, N1 & N2. We are situated along the Wine Route and a 20 minute drive from famous Stellenbosch.Check out our location here:


Protea Retreat Self Catering
Committed to Exceeding your Expectations

54 Helling Street, Protea Heights, Brackenfell, 7560, Cape Town, South Africa

+27 82 465 1057
+27 82 465 1057